TRR Sporthorses and Saddlebreds

Susan and Sunshine

AMHA registered

Susan and Sunshine are the two newest additions to the family, both beautiful miniature mares that will eventually be bred to Christopher Robin.

Susan is the older of the mares. We love her coloring but initially had difficulty deciding what color she actually was (she is registered as a palomimo). We finally came to the conclusion that she is a "buckamino," since her dorsal stripe and dark legs are typical of buckskins while her flaxen mane and tail, as well as her chocolate-gold body color, are more typical of palominos. Susan is learning spanish walk and has been started driving. You can see a video clip of her in action by scrolling down, or by clicking here.

Sunshine, the chestnut, is one year younger than her Susan. She has beautiful conformation - especially considering her size - and looks like a miniature thoroughbred. She is broke to drive and was a very quick study in harness. It must be because she watched her "big sister" like a hawk when she was driving or practicing her tricks!